Have you ever thought about the similitudes in between followers and disciples? What are the differences between a new cult and a brand?

The Holy How - 2019

Link to full video here

Written and directed by Matteo Guarnaccia and Francesco Tagliavia.
Presented in 2019 at Tate Exchange in London, part of the collective exhibition "Higher Resolution" curated by Hyphen Labs.

Focusing on the search for answers, The Holy How plays around the similitudes in between social media dynamics and higher powers, using the tutorial as a medium of expression. The video is a guide that explains how to create your brand new cult, converting followers to disciples, and divulge your profile picture as an iconography. 

Starring: Enrico Leanza
Director of photography: Premananda Das
Executive producer: Maria Continella
Editing: Francesco Tagliavia
Soundtrack: The Past Tense by Infinite Bisous
Sound design: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
Thanks to: Franca Marta Tomaino, Francesco Enriquez