Coming from Sicily, Europe based.

“Matteo Guarnaccia is a Sicilian designer based in Europe. After studying design in Barcelona, he built experience in Los Angeles and Madrid. While bouncing around artistic environments he took the opportunity to expand his visions and thoughts across a variety of artistic fields approaching graphic design and music. Numerous travel experiences helped Matteo in constructing a wider understanding of his surroundings. In holding a deep belief in the necessity for problem solving, Matteo uses many different communication tools in order to bring solutions without fearing small beginnings as they eventually make a bigger difference and a wider impact. He is currently applying his creative services, including graphic design projects to products, when truly needed, while continuing to smile and learn. Matteo is grateful to have worked and collaborated with Tate Modern Exchange, CERN, Kvadrat China, Curro Claret, The Institute for Post Natural Studies, The Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, The National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai-India, Archivo y Arquitectura Mexico City-Mexico, the Macan Museum Jakarta-Indonesia, the African Artists Foundation in Lagos-Nigeria and many other nice poeple..”

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 ︎Machine operator at FabLab Barcelona
 ︎Teacher assistant of Digital Fabrication at IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)
 ︎Assistant of Curro Claret
 ︎Curating and running Cross Cultural Chairs
 ︎Fabrica Research Centre
 ︎Designer at Alvaro Catalan de Ocon Studio
 ︎Member of Google Campus Madrid
 ︎Curating and running Cross Cultural Chairs


︎Design Indaba
︎Diari Ara
︎Casa Vogue
︎Lamono Magazine
-Spotify Intangible podcast
︎Olhares Editora
︎Revista Gatopardo
︎Design Boom
︎Elle Decor Italia
︎AD China
︎Paperplanes India
︎FRAME July/August 2019
︎Verve Magazine
︎Conde Nast Traveller

︎Domus Italia


︎Challenge Based Innovetion CBI at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear  Research) in Switzerland _2015
︎Made Again, invited partecipant of the workshop organized by Space10 and FablabBcn in Barcelona, Spain _2016
︎”Flying trash” installation at PobleNou Art Festival 2017
︎”The lemon project” installation for the Festuge 2017 in Holstebro, Denmark_2017
︎CCC launching at Arts SantaMonica Barcelona, Spain _2018
︎CCC launching at ZO Catania, Italy_2018
︎CCC Brazil exhibition at Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro MAM _2018
︎CCC Mexico exhibition at Archivo Design in Mexico City _2018
︎CCC Indonesia exhibition at Macan Museum in Jakarta, Indonesia _2019
︎CCC China exhibition at Ziwu Gallery in Shanghai, China _2019
︎CCC India exhibition at National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai, India _2019
︎CCC Nigeria exhibition at African Artists Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria _2019

︎Videoinstallation “Holy How” with Francesco Tagliavia at Tate Modern part of Higher Resolution Exhibition of Tate Exchange in London_2019
︎Thursday Talk about CCC at Mesura Barcelona, Spain_2019
︎Col·laboració versus Resistència, part of Victor Papanek Exhibition by Vitra Museum at the Barcelona Design Museum, Spain_2020

︎Design talk at Ortigia with MADE Program, Salvatore Peluso and Giuseppe Arezzi, Sicily_2020