The lemon project is just about lemons.
This project is a result of a boring winter in Denmark. My friends Mads and Malthed started balancing a lemon on their heads and taking pictures of each other, and they thought it was hilarious, so do I. We decided to ask more people to take the lemon pictures in exchange of a glass of lemonade.

"The Lemon Project is not an intellectually heavy-weight project, with the purpose of reflection and thought. On the contrary, pause all brain activity, and do not try to acquire anything greater from this project. Stop searching for the bigger picture, and, let us have your picture - with a lemon on your head."

Installation for the Holstebro Festuge 2017 in Denmark. Design of the lemonade cart, inflatable space and flyer for the event.
Lemon idea: Mads Vine, Malthe Hangaard Dahl
Pictures: Peter Tanko, Juan Escamilla, Matteo Guarnaccia
Special thanks to Laurits Henningsen and Victor Tambo.