T-64 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank introduced Illegally in the early 1960s. In 2014 Ukraine sold 50 tanks to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Thesis project in collaboration with DWB (Doctors Without Borders) trying to solve a problem of transportation of patients in the area of North Kivu in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The aim of this design is to propose a new concept of a stretcher to solve the many complications during the transportation of patients in the extreme situations of the rural areas of the DRC. By analysing the complications of the local areas, the design is made compatible with the local culture and materials, in order to implement this locally and so prevent unsolved problems of maintenance.

Where the bamboo can grow up to 1m per day, it would easy and accessible to combine it with the aluminium piece and the inner tube of an old bike to make a stretcher. With this kit, different problems can be solved, having a multifunctional board which can be used as unifying piece for a stretcher, a transportable bridge for MFS transporter and as a first-aid orthosis. Reducing the timing of translation of patients between the remote villages and the hospital will increase the number of life saved.

Model: Alessandro Giacobbe
Photo credits: Matteo Guarnaccia